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We change
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IMN formula

IMN formula

Change behaviors

IMN formula

Through motivation

to build effective brands

Change behaviors

To Change people’s Behavior,
It's Often Not What You Say; it's How You Say it.

We believe that creating a sustainable brand success requires fundamental changes in people’s behavior. We all know from personal experience, like losing weight or quitting smoking, just how difficult change is.


While successful change comes from a real understanding of people, their habits and their behaviors, we constantly search the attitudes and needs of people to identify how to motivate them to change their behavior.

Through motivation

We Speak Motivation


IMN 3rd Dimension:
The Art of Converting
Information to Motivation

While everyone else is thinking 2D by communicating the information to people, we at InterMark have invented our own formula for brand success, the 3rd dimension methodology. It is our know-how of converting information to motivation that leads to the desired behavior change.


We motivate patients to change their behavior from healthy wishing to healthy living. We motivate doctors to increasingly believe in the medication and prescribe it more.

to build effective brands

Being a Great Brand
is not Enough

Many great brands are on the shelf waiting for doctors to prescribe and patients to use. Those great medications may have perfect results in treating the illness it is made for, but the question is, “How many doctors are prescribing it, and how many patients are using it?”


We help great brands have a greater positive impact on people’s health. We leverage brands from being just great, to become more effective—through changing consumer behavior, motivational conversations, and predictive research.


Through motivation

Change behaviors

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