Our Model


Your first partner in the region, that is built on the latest and unique business models.

We promise to innovate and deliver the perfect solution for every challenge and need.

IMN follows the unique strategic CCO model that offers a uniquely broad range of services provided by individual, award-winning businesses; including consulting, strategic marketing and advertising services, medical education services, business development services, regulatory service, commercial services, training, public relations and adherence.

We are the catalysts

at every stage of the journey from drug discovery, development to commercialization.

The CCO model builds on IMN’s unique breadth of services. 

Because our expertise begins with an early-stage development and continues to the end of commercialization, we view your challenges through a strategic lens that extends across the life of the product.

IMN’s unique model gives companies a critical competitive edge by integrating strategic, creative and operational expertise as never before.

Our CCO model provides

the needed value in real-life.

Companies will find real value in collaborating with a one-stop, experienced partner and different solutions provider rather than dozens of separate businesses.

Our model ensures efficiency by working across disciplines professionally, at the right intensity and the right time.