InterMark Network (IMN)

is the first and the only fully-integrated healthcare
solutions organization across the MENA region.

At InterMark Network

all the disciplines involved in bringing innovative solutions for every gap, work together ensuring the healthcare transformation.

Our Unique Model

is developed specifically with the clients’ needs in mind.

For more than

25 years,

we've been passionate about achieving the best results for our clients; results that go beyond expectations and are uniquely innovative, tailored, pragmatic, holistic and sustainable.

Owing to our experience,

Our strategic marketing consultancy NETWORK

can pinpoint with unsurpassed accuracy the effective solutions.

As a full-fledged professional organization that is following the global trends and standards, we partner with our clients to evolve and innovate.

By combining the leading strategic minds in the healthcare industry with the latest technologies; we are committed to push the boundaries and eliminate the gaps hindering the efficiency and speed, at which products are brought into the hands of those who need them the most.

From clinical development to commercialization,

we are facilitators with passion and endless energy to

help bring your product from concept to reality.



To revolutionize the healthcare market through our full range of innovative and trusted solutions.



To be your most trusted –if not the sole- provider for a full range of integrated solutions.